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School-Enterprise Cooperation and Incubator Operation Management...

author:Yu Fan;Yu Xiaoqi; Photo by :Yu Fan; Translated by:Su Chang    click: from:  time:2019-07-22

On July 2nd, the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship coordinated with the Qingdao Shibei District Government to hold a special sharing seminar on “School-Enterprise Cooperation and Incubator Operation Management” at the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Demonstration Base. Chu Daping, Chairman of the Advanced Photonics and Electronic Technology Center (CAPE) of the University of Cambridge and Honorary Dean of the Shandong University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Tony Raven, CEO of Cambridge Enterprise Center of the University of Cambridge, David Gill, CEO of the St. John's Innovation Center, Alex Smeets, head of Cambridge Enterprise Center, Shirley Jamieson, Head of International Affairs Development of Cambridge Enterprise Center, Sui Miao, Deputy Director of the Qingdao Shibei Investment Promotion Bureau, Chen Zhijun, Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Qiao Yue, Vice Dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship attended the meeting. Wang Xingliang, deputy director of Qingdao Shibei Investment Promotion Bureau presided the meeting.


David Gill gave a special report titled “School-Enterprise Cooperation and Incubator Operation Management”, which explained the mission of the St. John's Innovation Center of the University of Cambridge, introduced the source and concept of the “incubator”, the basic information of the St. John’s Innovation Center and basic function of the accelerator, proposed that the incubator is to provide entrepreneurs and related personnel with information exchange and resource coordination and sharing space and to provide entrepreneurs with a series of professional services such as intellectual property rights and legal advice. He also summarized the key features of the accelerator, presented his own insights on how to measure the success of the incubator and emphasized the importance of creating a venture fund. He believed that the establishment and operation of the innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem should be combined with real resources and conditions to find a suitable development model. The guests discussed the specific use of the government funds required for the incubator, the operating expenses of the incubator and the common characteristics of the incubating companies.


In the afternoon, Sui Miao hosted a symposium entitled “Serving the Enterprises for Innovative Development”. He said that he will make full use of the role of the base platform and actively establish a bridge for communication between government departments, enterprises in a certain area and innovative resources to create an effective support platform serving the entrepreneurship and innovation of Shibei District and the whole city and empowering real economy. Chen Zhijun emphasized that the SDU Innovation Intermediary Demonstration Base is committed to the academic research of innovation intermediary to provide professional services for enterprises and focus on cultivating innovative intermediary talents. The relevant units in the Shibei District have conducted in-depth exchanges with experts from the University of Cambridge on how to make use of the advantages of Cambridge to improve the quality of the incubator in industrial integration and the construction of the operation team. Chu Daying said that building a dynamic innovation and  entrepreneur ecosystem requires learning from foreign advanced experience to establish an efficient and orderly management and operation mechanism.

Qingdao Shibei District Development and Reform Bureau, Science and Technology Bureau, Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Cultural Tourism Bureau, Financial Supervision Bureau, Investment Promotion Center, Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Binhai New Area Management Committee, Central Business District Management Committee, Innovation Zone Management Committee, Historical and Cultural District Management Committee , the head of the innovation service enterprises of Qingdao Shibei District, the person in charge of the incubator operation, and the faculty of SDU School of Innovation Intermediary attended the meeting.


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