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Cambridge Delegation Held Academic Lectures at Qingdao Campus

author:Yin Meiqi;Hu Shuang;Wang Rui;Yu Fan; Photo by :Yu Fan; Translated by:Su Chang    click: from:  time:2019-07-22

Recently, Professor Chu Daping, Honorary Dean of Shandong University School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and Chairman of the Advanced Photonics and Electronic Technology Center (CAPE) of the University of Cambridge, and Dr. Tony Raven, CEO of Cambridge Enterprise Center of the University of Cambridge gave a series of lectures on innovation and entrepreneurship at the Qingdao Campus respectively. Han Shenghao, Vice President of SDU and President of Qingdao Campus presided.


Professor Chu introduced the history, geographical location and profile of the University of Cambridge, and elaborated initiatives from the perspective of Cambridge Department of Engineering on promoting the transformation of scientific and technological achievements including inter-disciplinary integration, school-enterprise cooperation, etc. He introduced that the polytechnic of Cambridge is divided into five main parts, of which engineering boasts a long history and many major achievements. Cambridge's engineering research pursues the goal of facing the society, aiming at social needs, and insisting on innovation while giving people dependence and trust. Chu said that it is this purpose and goal that makes Cambridge an ideal platform for innovation and entrepreneurship. He said that the close relationship between Cambridge and enterprises lets engineering research meet the needs of the enterprise more quickly, so that the research can be quickly invested in the enterprise and the cost can be greatly saved. In order to help the teachers and students to understand the development of the school-enterprise cooperation of Cambridge, by further elaborating the research process of photonics and electronic technology and their penetration in people's daily life, Chu used photonics and electronic technology as an example to further elaborate the importance and advantages of innovation and entrepreneurship activities based on school-enterprise cooperation. Finally, he introduced the operating forms and objectives of Cambridge companies. Through the cooperation between schools and enterprises, the research is commercialized, and the value brought by commercialization can be returned to school research. The goal of Cambridge companies is to benefit the society and the world in such way.


Dr. Tony Raven gave a report entitled Introduction of Cambridge University Innovation Eco-system, introducing the history of Cambridge's innovation ecosystem and the construction of other successful innovation ecosystems in the world. The development of many famous companies and universities has demonstrated that many great things have evolved from nothing. He affirmed the efforts of SDU in building an innovative ecosystem. Through research, he felt the enthusiasm of Qingdao Municipal Government, Haier, Hisense and other large enterprises, and SDU alumni for building and promoting the innovation ecosystem. Combining with the development of Cambridge's innovation ecosystem, he pointed out the importance of establishing an innovative ecosystem in universities. He emphasized that SDU, as the first cooperative university of Cambridge Enterprise Center in China, should integrate its own characteristics and Cambridge experience to create an innovative ecosystem belonging to SDU.

Chu Daping is the lifelong Professor of the University of Cambridge, Chairman of the Advanced Photonics and Electronic Technology Center (CAPE) of the University of Cambridge and Honorary Dean of the School of Innovation Intermediary. He received bachelor and master degrees in physics from Nanjing University in 1982 and 1986 respectively, and Ph.D. in physics from the University of Warwick in 1994. He is the principal and executive researcher of the Epson Cambridge Research Laboratory.

Tony Raven is the CEO of Cambridge Enterprise Center of the University of Cambridge. He joined the Cambridge Enterprise Center in December 2011 and is the former Director of the Center for Research and Innovation at the University of Southampton. He graduated from the University of Manchester and received his master and doctor degrees from the University of Oxford. He used to work at the UK Rutherford Appleton Laboratory and Osaka University.


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