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The University of Cambridge-Shandong University Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Successfully Held

author:Wang Rui;Hu Shuang;  Photo by :Yu Fan;New Age Photography; Translated by:Su Chang  click: from:  time:2019-09-20

    From September 9 to 11, "The University of Cambridge-Shandong University Training Program on Innovation and Entrepreneurship" sponsored by the School of Innovation Intermediary of SDU was held in the conference hall on the fifth floor at the west building of Huagangyuan of Qingdao Campus, SDU. Professor Shailendra Vyakarnam from the Innovation Education Center, Cambridge Judge Business School, and Shirley Jamieson, head of the Department of International Relation and Development, Cambridge Business Center, the University of Cambridge gave the lecture together. Zhang Yongbing, deputy secretary of SDU Party Committee and secretary of Party Working Committee of Qingdao campus, and Guo Bangli, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of Qingdao campus participated in relevant activities.

    Zhang pointed out that this training is a large-scale campus training held by the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship since its establishment. He expressed his gratitude to the School for its meticulous planning and the wonderful lectures given by the professors of the University of Cambridge. He stressed the importance of innovation and entrepreneurship, pointing out that the current understanding of innovation and entrepreneurship, the experience and lessons on talent training, the thinking on the future development of the country, and the challenges faced by economic and educational development let us change from experience learning to independent innovation. In terms of innovation and entrepreneurship, he suggested that the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and SDU set up the consciousness of independent innovation, encourage innovation and entrepreneurship ability, perfect the system and mechanism of innovation encouragement and protection and create a good environment for social entrepreneurship so as to build an innovation ecosystem suitable to us, eventually achieving the goal of social service. From the perspective of talent training, Guo stressed the importance and necessity of students' innovative and entrepreneurial ideas and abilities. He encouraged the participants in the course to cherish this training opportunity and communicate more to improve the educational level of innovation and entrepreneurship, and called on more teachers to devote themselves to students' innovation and entrepreneurship education.

    The three days’ training combined teaching and group interaction and reporting. Professor Shailendra Vyakarnam elaborated from the perspective of popularization and education of entrepreneurship, general idea of entrepreneurship education, core curriculum with creative effect, entrepreneurship and how to cultivate it, and how to get the first step in entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship courses planning and activities at the University of Cambridge. He believed that it is difficult to teach students how to start a business. The main function of universities in this respect should be to cultivate students' innovative ideas, thinking and abilities, improve their self-efficacy, and then help them start a business better. He said that innovation and entrepreneurship work at  the University of Cambridge is basically interdisciplinary, with great emphasis on collision and collaboration between disciplines. He introduced in detail the activities focusing on student entrepreneurs in different stages from small activities including Entrepreneurs-Tuesday Night, Start-Up weekends, innovation and entrepreneurship competitions and social activities between students and entrepreneurs to summer school, ETECH project focusing on doctoral and post-doctoral scientific research and innovation, conventional entrepreneurship teaching, team construction, late incubation, investment and financing, etc. He stressed the importance of school to provide systematic and sustainable support in the process of students' innovation and entrepreneurship. During the group interaction, Shailendra Vyakarnam encouraged students to discuss the feasibility of offering Cambridge courses and related activities from the perspective of SDU and Shandong Province, and how to improve some activities in Cambridge so as to develop projects suitable for SDU and Shandong Province. Each group made a heated group discussion and achievement report on the feasibility course design of the innovation and entrepreneurship course system in SDU, ideal candidates for entrepreneurs who can be invited to the university to give entrepreneurship lectures, and the abilities that entrepreneurs should have in business familiarity, social skills and personnel related. At the end of the activity, Secretary Zhang issued the certificate of completion of the university of Cambridge for all trainees.

    In May 2018, SDU and the University of Cambridge signed a three-year contract proposal on "SDU Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Development Project", aiming to promote cooperation between the two universities and deepen exchanges in innovation and entrepreneurship. This training program is also an important part of the cooperation between the two sides. Through intensive and immersive courses, scientists and workers on technology transformation can learn about innovation and entrepreneurship and promote the transformation of their own innovative ideas.

    23 teachers from Undergraduate College, Engineering Training Center, School of Management, School of Microelectronics, Fine Arts School, Institute of Frontier and Interdisciplinary Science, Institute of Marine Science and Technology, School of Computer Science and Technology, Institute of Microbial Technology, College of Business in Weihai Campus and the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship attended the training. Directors of Qingdao International Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Base and Qingdao Guoguang Venture-Capital Co., LTD., as well as some alumni attended the relevant courses.

Source: http://www.isie.qd.sdu.edu.cn/info/1050/1250.htm

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