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School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship held China Business Experience International Summer Camp

author: Photo by : Translated by: click: from: 国际创新转化学院  time:2018-12-11

From July 15th to August 5th, China Business Experience International Summer Camp 2018 hosted by School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of Shandong University was held in Jinan and Qingdao. Foreign students from 7 countries including the US, the UK, France, Russia and so on and 11 students from SDU participated in the Summer Camp. 

In the morning of July 15th, the Summer Camp was officially open. Qiao Yue, the associate dean of the School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship presided and made a speech. Qiao Yue welcomed foreign students all around the world to participate in the Summer Camp and introduced the development of the School and the arrangements of the Summer Camp. He hoped the Summer Camp could promote exchanges of members of all countries and give them opportunities to take a close look at the business, rapid development and culture of China. He also wished all the participants to acquire knowledge, make friends and convey friendship in the following days and tell “Chinese stories” to more friends after coming back home.


12 academic lectures were held during this Summer Camp. Professor Qiao Yue, professor Wang Zhewei from the School of Economics, associate professor Chang Dongfeng and associate professor Huang Jilei delivered lectures named “ Business Negotiation Strategy”, “ Environment, Energy and Economy of China”, “ Game Theory” and “Macro-economy of China” respectively. Participants had lively discussions in the lectures and the teachers answered questions about hot issues of both China’s and the world’s economy. In order to give foreign students deep insights into China’s business environment and the status quo of the restructuring and upgrading of enterprises while new global growth drivers are taking the place of old ones in China, the School arranged all the participants to visit Qingdao Red Collar Group, Haier Group, Hongjitang Pharmaceutical Group, Inspur Group, the Bank of China and the wetland in Weifang respectively. Through field visits and face to face exchanges with relevant enterprise personnel, all the participants benefited a lot as they were able to know business environment and current economic development of China more directly. The School also encouraged participants to visit China’s well-known enterprises and experience traditional Chinese culture through this Summer Camp, so a series of colorful activities were held for them to experience China. During their time in Qingdao, the School invited Mao Zhaoyang, a teacher from Beijing Film Academy who was also the National Tai Chi champion to teach Tai Chi knowledge and the essence of traditional Chinese martial art with humor and professional moves. During their time in Jinan, participants took part in a series of activities including sand painting, woodblock printing and Mount Tai climbing. Traditional Chinese arts and crafts, local cuisine and cultural characteristics were introduced to them and all the foreign students had a great experience with interests and love.

The 20 days’ Summer Camp mainly included 4 sectors: lectures on the business of China, the experience of traditional Chinese culture, field visits of China’s enterprises and .....? Through this Summer Camp, participants acquired rich business knowledge and knew better about the status quo of China’s economy and business. While experiencing the charm of traditional Chinese culture, students of China and foreign countries also communicated more and built deep friendship.






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