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School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship Organized International Students to Experience Traditional Chinese Culture

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In the morning of March 22nd, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship of SDU organized 11 international students from Pakistan and Ghana to go to Jimo to experience traditional Chinese culture and feel the charm of it.

Following the guide, students mounted the ancient city wall of Jimo and carefully listened to the vicissitudes of this ancient city. Then they watched the promotional film of Jimo that revealed the long history and splendid culture of the city detailedly. Students were amazed at the elegant and graceful natural scenery of Jimo that boast grand mountains and sea cultures. They also marveled at the exquisite folk workmanship such as traditional Chinese painting and Liuqiang. During the experience process carefully prepared by the staff here, international students wore Han-style clothes and experienced sacrifice ritual of Confucius Temple, which gave them better understanding of the profound connotation of Confucian culture.

In the Ancient City Gallery, the international students learned to write calligraphy under the guidance of professional teachers. Calligraphers briefly introduced the skills of writing professional calligraphy with good layout and they taught and demonstrated at the same time. This activity gained widely appreciation from international students. Finally, the students visited yellow painting pottery, Guanzhuang bamboo waving, Daou birdcage and other intangible cultural heritages and better understood the uses and development of these exclusive traditional crafts. After the visit, all the international students praised it as a surprising and perfect experience and they felt the great charm of traditional Chinese culture. While enjoying the scenery of Jimo, they also got to know Chinese history and culture. This experience broadened international students’ minds, delivered benefits to them and also stimulated their interests to further explore and study Chinese culture.



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